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At RAR, we believe that literary publications should not be left redundant to gather dusts on the shelves. They should be converted into a gold mine for academicians, scholars, authors and Institutions to derive multipurpose benefits.
We believe that researchers of every background should generate an income from their rigorous work over the years in their quest to make meaningful discoveries and contributions to the body of knowledge.

When Founded and Focus
Founded in 2019, RAR is based out of Nigeria, the giant of Africa. We are building a model that will serve to enhance research activities in over 400 higher institutions of learning including public and privately owned universities, polytechnics and colleges of education in Nigeria. In time, we aim to reach many more institutions on the continent of Africa.
Through our team of renowned academics and top professionals we also provide editorial and proofreading services to improve the quality of submitted draft works to ensure they meet the requirements for global publications.

RAR is positioned to revolutionize the future of Research in Africa.

What would like to do today?
- Start earning
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